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SBTS and Boyce College are moving from Moodle to Canvas starting Spring 2017. Canvas is a leading Learning Management System (LMS) that offers a modern user experience, intuitive navigation, and a flexible structure that will help to accommodate Southern’s current needs while positioning us well for our advancing learning needs and growing student body. Canvas will allow professors to more easily receive and grade assignments, communicate with students, record video and audio feedback, and grade in a variety of helpful ways. Students are able to view all their assignment due dates in the calendar, set custom notifications for their email or mobile device, and access their course on-the-go with the Canvas app.

This is a campus-wide initiative with support from the Academic Administration and the Institutional Administration. A project team comprised of staff from Campus Technology and Online Learning, along with support from Canvas, are supporting the transition. We have provided some of the more frequently asked questions regarding Canvas. If you do not see your question here, please email either Campus Technology ( or Online Learning ( and we will get an answer back to you as quickly as possible.

If you’re ready to jump into Canvas, here’s a link to jump on in:

Moodle has served SBTS and Boyce College well for several years and many schools still use Moodle, but as an open source project, Moodle has required a significant amount of effort to upgrade, maintain, and support. As SBTS and Boyce College have grown, we have realized the need for a hosted solution that can adapt to our advancing needs as an institution.

Leveraging the Canvas platform, there is support for integrated LTI’s like YouTube, TurnItIn, and Google Docs; there is a broader communication system including text notifications; and there is a solid mobile app that will allow for a full-featured learning experience from a phone or tablet.

Course registration is now in

If you registered for a course through Moodle, that is okay. Both the registration in Moodle and the registration in updated the same system.

When you register, please allow 1 hour for the course to appear on your dashboard in Canvas.

One feature we had developed for Moodle was that every course showed the dates, times, and room where the class met. We are working with Canvas to provide similar functionality. In the meantime there are 3 places where you can find this information for your class:

1. Many professors include this information in the syllabus for the course. So if you open the course in Canvas, and then open the syllabus, the dates/times and room may be in the syllabus.

2. Course registration is now in under the Student Tools section in the sidebar. Inside of Registration, you can find these same details for your courses.

3. Lastly, we just launched a tool at that lists all courses for the current semester. When you click on a course, the details for the sections display below the course listing.

Moodle will be available indefinitely in case you need to access assignments or work done in a past course. For Spring 2017 courses and later though, all new coursework must be submitted through Canvas.

We will eventually retire the Moodle server, but do not currently have a definitive timeline. We will give advanced notice before that change is made.

We do not have any plans to import past classes from Moodle into Canvas. You can read more details in the question above, but the plan is for past classes to continue to be accessible through Moodle.

Moving forward though, all future classes will be available within Canvas, so you will be able to access Spring 2017 courses within Canvas even after the Spring 2017 term has ended.

You log into Canvas at using your Southern Profile credentials, the same username/password combination that you use for or previously used for Moodle. In fact, unless you happen to already be logged into Moodle or, you will be immediately redirected to the same login page to which you used for Moodle or
Online Learning is conducting training sessions for instructors and graders beginning January 3rd through the start of the Spring 2017 semester. Please email Brian Renshaw ( or Online Learning ( to confirm a training time.

For students, there is a training module within Canvas that can be accessed here once logged into Canvas.

You can also watch this video produced by Online Learning, which gives a 10 min introduction to Canvas or download this PDF which gives a more in-depth walkthrough

Online Learning has produced several video walkthroughs for Canvas too. You can access those screencasts here:

Yes, there are mobile apps for Canvas. You can download the iOS (iPhone/iPad) app here:

Or the Android version is available here:

Once you have downloaded the app use in the search field or search for Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for the school name, and hit the arrow. Here is a screencast that walks through setting up the mobile app:

You can find additional help for the app here:

We piloted several classes through Canvas in the Fall of 2016. Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received, we made the call to move forward with all classes being hosted within Canvas beginning in the Spring 2017 semester.

If you are taking a JTerm course in January 2017, these JTerm courses will remain in Moodle and NOT in Canvas.

You may contact Instructure Canvas tech support either via live chat, phone call, or submitting a ticket. Locate this information under the Help section from the global navigation menu after you log in to Canvas.

Alternatively, you can contact the Office of Online Learning ( or Campus Technology ( for assistance.