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Bookmarking pages in your web browser is an easy way to make your workflow more efficient. Most Browsers handle Bookmarking or “Favoriting” a page in similar ways. To create a bookmark: Go to the page that you want to Bookmark. In Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome click on the “Star” symbol in the top part of the browser that is … Read More

How To Spot A Phishing Attempt

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This past weekend, we learned that Vice President Pence had a personal AOL email account compromised while he was governor of Indiana. You can read the story in the Wired article The Golden Age of Email Hacks Is Only Getting Started. A phishing attack was used to compromise then Governor Pence’s email account. Phishing and whaling (a phishing attempt with … Read More

How to Test Your Bandwidth Speed

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So much of how we learn, communicate, and live our daily lives happens on the Internet. Because we spend so much time on the Internet, we tend to know when something’s not right. We often perceive this as slowness when pages don’t load quickly, or when our computer can’t even connect or stay connected. We quantify the speed of our … Read More

Stronger Password Habits

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Yahoo. Chase Bank. Target. Data breaches are becoming more and more common. As the frequency of attacks increases, so does the likelihood that you will be a victim. If you can’t avoid it, here are 3 ways that you can make it more difficult for attackers to steal your information, or at least limit the damage when they do. 1. … Read More

3 Signs Your Gmail Account Has Been Compromised

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We have seen an alarming increase in the number of Google accounts compromised in the last 6 months. Often, if Google detects suspicious behavior, they will email us to let us know that they have suspended an account that they believe is compromised. Once your account is suspended, you will no longer be able to send or receive new email. … Read More

5 Simple Habits to Prevent Data Disasters

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We all spend copious amounts of time filling out spreadsheets, preparing for courses, writing papers, and working with a variety of data every day. With so much of our lives spent creating, modifying, and reviewing digital content, it is not surprising that we are devastated when we lose our work. Here are 5 habits you can start right now to … Read More

API – Defined

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API (Application Programming Interface) referring to documentation, or the code itself, that describes the paths for accessing the data behind a program or service API has become a more common term as more and more developers implement services like Twitter and Facebook into websites and applications that they design. If you are working with a designer or developer on a … Read More

Hello World

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Every developer knows those two words: Hello World. Almost every book, tutorial, and class on learning to code starts with your first Hello World program. The main goal of this simple program is to send the message “Hello World” to the screen, whether that’s the standard output in a terminal, a webpage in a browser, or the touch screen of … Read More