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We at Classroom Technology are extremely proud of our newly upgraded classrooms. We hope they will serve our amazing faculty and students in the best way possible. However, with any change comes questions. We have attempted to put some of the most common questions together in a list for easy reference. If you have any further questions, never hesitate to call us at 502-897-4007 for assistance.


I do not know how to use the new technology, who will teach me?
We will! Click here to schedule a time or simply send a time or two that works for your schedule (we’ll need about 30 minutes) to and we will be more than happy to show you the amazing capabilities of our new setups.

The projector is off and I can’t find the remote. How do I turn it on?
The projectors are no longer controlled via remote control in the newly upgraded classrooms. The entire system is controlled by the touch screen on the lectern. If the system is on and your input is selected, and the projector is still not on, try restarting the system. On the top right of the lectern screen there is a power button. Once pressed, it will ask you whether or not you would like to shut down. Select yes, and give it a few seconds to shut down. You will know that the system has shut down when the screen either turns off or says, “Press Anywhere to Use the System.” Touch anywhere on the screen and the system will turn back on. This is usually the solution to a projector that is not on when it should be. If that does not work, call 502-897-4007, and a technician will come and assist.

How do I power off the new technology?
In the upper right corner of the lectern touch-screen, there is a small power logo as well as an on-screen “system-power” button. Push either and you will be asked if you are sure that you want to power off. Select yes. It’s very important to power off the technology after use in order to preserve the life of the equipment.

Can I raise the projected image higher in the newly upgraded classrooms?
Unfortunately, no. The projectors in every classroom that has been recently upgraded are pointed at the smart board to allow for interactivity functions. Unfortunately, any movement of the image will throw off the calibration and limit those functions.

How can I check out a video camera or adapter?
You can check out a video camera or a computer adapter during regular business hours Monday through Friday from our office in Norton 14.

I’m in a preaching practicum class and my sermon is not posted to YouTube, what should I do?
We do our best to get your sermons up by the next day. If you are unable to find them or they did not get posted simply give us a call at 502-897-4007 or email

How can I use the airplay function in order to project my MacBook, IPad, or IPhone screen?
First, make sure you are in a classroom that has an AppleTV equipped. NOTE,the newly upgraded rooms do not have AppleTV’s currently. Next, check that you are connected to the FacStaff Wi-Fi because the AppleTV’s will only communicate with your device if they are on the same network. Next, enable airplay on your device and choose the correct room number. The AppleTV will provide an onscreen code that you will need to enter on your device. Upon entering the code your device will project through the AppleTV and on to the screen.

Are students allowed to use the technology in the classrooms?
The technology in the classrooms are intended primarily for use by professors. However, if a student is using the technology for class-related/studying purposes, they are welcome to use the technology.

There is no sound coming from the system. What should I do?
In the new classrooms the following list of questions will usually help solve the problem: Is the sound muted on my computer? Or on the lectern (touch screen right side)? Is the volume on, but very low? Have I plugged every cable in correctly? Occasionally there are issues within the system that a technician will need to address, but frequently the issue can be solved with the previous questions. Call 502-897-4007 and a technician will come assist if needed.

The video in Norton 195 won’t work. What should I do?
There are two common issues that prevent the video from being displayed. There is a small black box with a button on it labeled “Tablet” and “Laptop,” beside the lectern. If you are using your own computer, you want to make sure that “Laptop” is selected, and “Tablet” if you are using the computer in the lectern. If you’ve done the previous and it still is not displaying a picture, the cable may have come unplugged in the floor. At that point, call 502-897-4007 and a technician will come and plug it back in.