Emergency Notifications

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When it comes to safety, the faster information is disseminated the better. Here at Southern Seminary, we have implemented a number of ways to connect with our students, faculty, and staff in case of an emergency.
Our RAVE Alert system is able to send immediate notifications via text, email, and Twitter in the case of emergencies, school closings, and other critical information. Emergency notifications are also posted on the home page of the seminary’s website (www.sbts.edu) and in the case of turbulent weather, an emergency siren that is part of the Louisville Metro Government’s Emergency Broadcast System will be sounded.
All current students and employees of the seminary are automatically registered for this system but can opt out if they choose to. If you are not a current student or employee looking to sign up for RAVE Alerts you can do so by following this link https://www.getrave.com/login/sbts and registering.