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Whether you are a Southern/Boyce student, or a member of the faculty/staff at Southern, your official email account is a Google Apps for EDU account that gives you access to a variety of services beyond just email.

Gmail – Google’s email service is one of the best hosted email services out there. Your account can easily be accessed from within a browser or through a number of mobile apps. You can easily organize your email with labels and a flexible inbox layout, and control the flow of email with filters. There are a number of labs built into Gmail which you can turn on the provide additional functionality such as “Undo Send” and “Canned Responses”. If you desire to forward your SBTS email to a personal email, learn how to do that here.

Google Calendar – Manage your schedule with Google Calendar. Easily setup meetings and invite others to those meetings. Your calendar can easily be accessed from the web browser or integrated into your favorite calendar app.

Google Hangouts – A next level IM client for reaching out to contacts with a quick message, a video chat, or even a phone call from within the browser/app. If you are a faculty/staff member, the entire SBTS/Boyce College team is available from within Hangouts.

Google Drive – Think Dropbox + Microsoft Office 365, done really, really well. Google Drive offers a cloud office suite featuring Docs (like Word), Sheets (like Excel), and Slides (like PowerPoint), but with true collaborative editing and a revision history that keeps track of changes within your document. Additionally, you can drop any other type of file into Google Drive and access that file from anywhere that you can access Google Drive. You can access Google Drive from within a browser, or from desktop/mobile clients that integrate with Windows Explorer (Windows)/Finder (Mac OS), and Google’s storage is virtually unlimited.

There are several other Google apps and services to which you have access, including Maps, YouTube, and Google Groups for example.

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