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MySBTS is Southern Seminary’s information portal. As it’s capabilities grow, more menu items will appear. Currently, it can be used for:

Directory Access – Employee and Student emails and other contact information are available here as well as more detailed profiles when you click someone’s name. Drop by to find contact information for a classmate or professor!

Information Update – You can update your address, phone number, email, and more.
This is accessible by clicking options in the upper right corner and then clicking profile ( If you haven’t recently verified your information, take a moment to do that now. You can also watch a video tutorial here.

TimeClock – Hourly seminary employees will find the time clock system under Employee Tools. Full time employees can also request time off, and supervisors can edit and approve time.

Click on these links for video tutorials on how to use TimeClock:
o Clock in/out
o Request Vacation/Sick Time
o Approve Time
o Adjust Time
o Today View

Over the next months, MySBTS will acquire all the functionality currently provided by including fee waiver codes and student account information. It will also acquire functionality from Moodle such that course registration and course history information are provided there as well.