Microsoft Office

Is it true we can download Microsoft Office for free?


Click the button below to sign up and download Microsoft Office.

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I forgot my password!

Sorry to hear that!

Microsoft asks that we reset your password for this service, and we are glad to do so!

You will need to select forgot password upon signing in. Click the button below to take yourself there! We will reset your password ASAP.

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“View only, your account doesn’t allow editing on a mac”

This message is a common message that may pop up especially on MacOS. The way to fix this issue is to select Use Another Account Then type in your username and password you always use. This should fix the issue.

What happens to my account after I graduate?

Your Office account is tied to your student email which you will have for a time even after you graduate.
We will send notice before cancelling any student emails. So, you will have access until you receive notice that your student email is being deactivated. At that time you will have to purchase your own license to Microsoft Office.