How do I access my Student Email?

Your student email account is a Google account, therefore is accessed through gmail.com. Your username was sent you upon acceptance. However if you forgot simply take your Canvas username and add @students.sbts.edu to the end of it.

I can’t log into my student email!

If you have not set or have forgotten your username or password you can click the button below to reset it. Your username was sent to you upon acceptance. However if you forgot your username simply take your Canvas username and add @students.sbts.edu to the end of it.

Reset Password!

Can I put my student email on my phone or tablet?

Yes! You can absolutely add your student email to your smart phone or tablet. When adding an email to your device, if using Android Mail or IOS mail, ensure to select that it is a Google account. Do not attempt to add the email through an IMAP or POP mail server.

Will you ever delete my student email account?

Your student email will remain active throughout your time as a student at Southern Seminary or Boyce College. After graduation your student will will still be available, and will continue to be available unless notified. However, one day it is likely we will need to purge email addresses that are old.That being said it is not wise to use your student email for personal use. Please only use your student email for student related purposes.

I’m unable to set up my Student Email with Outlook.

Due to security reasons, student emails and Outlook will not work together. We recommend always using Gmail in the browser, as this provides the smallest margin of error. Plus Outlook always causes problems that are difficult to solve.

Are there other benefits to my student email?

Your student email is a Google account meaning you have access to all of Google’s services. Google Drive is a cloud based storage system with unlimited storage! This would be a great place to save papers and assignments so you are able to access them anywhere, whether on your computer or your phone. Google Docs is a great way to work on projects as a team. So multiple people can work on the same document! Also you have access to Google Calendar, Google Meet, and more! Make sure to take advantage of these options!