Used Computers for Sale

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The time of year arrives when we look around and realize that our office has accumulated quite a bit of technology. Instead of taking the chance of any of this technology becoming sentient, we elect to do something a little different.

With a motivation to serve the community and reduce e-waste, we host the annual computer sale.

There are two features of the computer sale.
1. If you are a faculty or staff that has recently had a desktop or laptop replaced, you are free to purchase the device on your own at a reduced or fair-market value.
2. If you are a member of the Southern community, you are free to purchase the equipment that we have acquired as we update the campus with new technology throughout the year at a reduced cost.

For Faculty and Staff

We strive to provide excellent equipment each and every year to our faculty and staff across campus. We also love to see this equipment be passed on for you and your family to continue to use! If you are due for replacement soon, or recently had your laptop or desktop replaced, please let us know if you are interested in any of the equipment that you previously were using.

For the Southern Community

The equipment that you will find at the sale is generally around 3-4 years old based on our replacement schedule and has been vetted to ensure it is still in working order. It also will come
just like you purchased it from the store with all the programs and operating system that you would normally find from the manufacturer.


This equipment has come from a culture of employees that care about the tech they receive for their job and has been maintained by the employees of Campus Technology over the course of its lifetime. With that being said you can expect to receive great equipment, however there are minor scrapes and blemishes from general wear and tear. To mitigate this as we prepare them for sale we run tests to ensure that the hard drive, memory, motherboard, and any peripherals attached to the machine are in good working order.

In fact 4 years ago when my wife and I first moved to Louisville I purchased a Dell Latitude from the computer sale. That little guy is still trucking along. I use it to study for certifications, SBTS assignments, and general web-browsing.

We are very much looking forward to serving you this year at the Fall sale. Visit often for further information concerning when it’s happening and what will be included this year.