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[faculty/staff only]

For SBTS faculty and staff that need to work from off-campus, Campus Tech offers a VPN service that allows you to connect to on-campus resources such as the SBTS file share and on-campus only websites and servers from outside our network. This service is provided to help serve the faculty and staff in those exceptional situations where they will be off-campus for an extended period of time or when they need to use on-campus resources to respond to system emergencies.

Your experience while connected through the VPN will not be as fast as when you are on-campus, and your experience can vary depending on your Internet connection. In order to use the VPN service, you must:

  1. have approval from your supervisor to work remotely
  2. be in a role in which you have been issued a seminary laptop
  3. know your Active Directory username and password (if you are a Windows user, this is your username & password that you use to log into Windows)

If you’d like to request access to the VPN service, please fill out the form and someone from Campus Tech will contact you about installing the software on your seminary laptop.